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Chameleon is our most recent product development. In developing Chameleon, we incorporated photoluminescent aggregates to our finishing products formulation to add the glow-in-the-dark effect without altering the characteristics in any way. Users can expect the same results from Chameleon that they get with our overlays products, but have the added benefit of the glow effect.

Chameleon provides full depth glow and the glow factor is seamless throughout the product. We anticipate this product to provide great cost savings where it is used versus the need for electricity. Though it may not fully illuminate an area, the glow factor attributes to safety and guidance while having a nice aqua visible glow. The product is recharged continually by ambient light sources. The most effective light source is natural sunlight. Exposure to natural sunlight for two hours may yield up to 12 hours of glow at night.

The best application of Chameleon is performed by sprayer because the greatest amount of area can be covered with this method. When applied by sprayer, one can cover approximately 7 square feet per 5 pound unit of material. Chameleon will cover 1 square foot per pound when applied at 1/8”.


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