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98% Reduction in carbon monoxide emissions over conventional propane systems.

Systems continually adjusts to provide ultra low emissions on each and every job.
Exceeds OSHA standards for indoor operation.
Fuel system automatically adjusts for varying operation conditions, rpm’s. — System adjusts for rpm, altitude, humidity, and fuel quality so the emissions remain ultra low from job to job, surface to surface, grit to grit.

Engine Longevity
Reduces engine service requirements by 50% — Oil changes, spark plugs, oil filters life extended 2 times.

Dust Control
CLEAR SKY Burnishers feature the latest technology in air-born dust control. — A patented TrueVac 4 stage dust containment and collection system virtually eliminates air-born dust.

LEED Approved
Expands opportunities where only LEED certified equipment is allowed.

Unique Features & Benefits Include:
Lexan Vacuum Skirt also serves as a bumper protecting the counters and baseboards from being scratched by the metal buffer base. Greater head pressure – faster, more efficient buffing 360° floating pad assembly – smooth, quiet operation, full contact between floor and buffing pad to achieve the maximum in buffing efficiency with superior results 2200 rpm buffing pad speeds – unexcelled single pass Ultra High Speed buffing American made – parts availability throughout the U.S.


Performance: Sq Ft per hour

34,000 Sq Ft Per Hour


18HP Kawasaki EPA and CARB Certified Catalytic muffler and emission shut down standard

Sound Level: DBA

< 87

Pad Speed: RPM


Pad Size: IN (cm)

27 (68.5) Burnishing width

Width: IN (cm)

29 (73.5)

Length: IN (cm)

53 (134.5)

Weight: LBS (Kg)

240 (108.9)

Ignition System:

12 Volt Battery Starter

Fuel Tank:

Steel with OverfillProtection


EnviroGard Emissions Eliminator