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Locksulate®, our nanocomposite insulation made with Hydro-NM-Oxide, a product of nanotechnology, and documented as the highest quality insulation on the far. Locksulate®, when fully cured, contains approximately 70% Hydro-NM-Oxide and 30% acrylic resin and performance additive. A liquid applied coating, it dries to a thin layer and provides exceptional insulation, corrosion protection, prevents mold, and prevents rust. Locksulate has proven to provide energy savings in a variety of industrial and residential insulation applications. Locksulate is also low VOC and environmentally friendly.

Locksulate® energy saving, clear coating technology is used worldwide to insulate buildings, equipment and machinery simply and effectively. It reduces energy consumption, lowers carbon emissions, improves worker safety, protects plant assets and decreases maintenance costs.

Locksulate® technology has the versatility and durability to be used for just about every type of application you can image for energy efficiency, asset protection and environmental remediation. Rather than ask where can Locksulate® coatings be used, it would be more accurate to ask where can't they be used!

The gallery below represents a small percentage of our coating applications representing a new generation in insulation technology and a new answer to reducing energy consumption worldwide.

Corporate HousingFacility BuildingHeat Equipment
Heavy MachineryHistorical AircraftMethanol Yanks
Refrigerated VehicleResidental ApplicationWater Pipeline