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Rossco MDF presents a complete line of Decorative Concrete Products. From your customers initial pattern selection and color choice through finishing details and sealing our product lines have been developed to support even the most involved projects.


For the first time a finish that is truly modern. A modern surface integrates performance value and visually stunning finish.

Cost Effective

The ROSSCO Inc. LUX-Bond Surfacing System provides significant savings in eliminating the need to demolish an existing substrate. Eliminating the need for demolition can save up to 30% of the total project cost.

Convenient - Remodel Without Removal

Costly and time consuming remodeling and resurfacing is unacceptable. By eliminating the need for removal, the time investment to achieve a new surface can be reduced by 50%. The LUX-Bond System is designed to chemically adhere to any solid surface, therefore enabling a surface remodel and removal.


The ROSSCO Inc. materials are designed to work in several resurfacing applications, notably on floors, walls, and countertops. In addition the products natural waterproofing abilities enable use in showers, fountains, and any below grade substrate.


ROSSCO Inc. Finishes are truly Green. While other companies are becoming green we have an established system that is proven Green. Using the most advanced water-based technologiesROSSCO Inc. has made a system that enables easy handling and meets the requirements of the EPA and USGBC requirements for indoor air quality.

Performance Value

ROSSCO Inc. only provides products and systems that are proven to meet or exceed the requirements of the area where it is installed.
1. Waterproof (The ROSSCO Inc. LU X-Bond System is a 100% waterproof system, ideal for heavy moisture and below grade areas such as showers, tubs, pools, and restrooms.)
2. Proven Durability