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Plastiform is manufactured with 100% white virgin polyethylene resins, unlike copycat competitors who manufacture their forms with cheap gray recycled materials, that only last a fraction of the time. Plastiform is also 4 times faster than conventional wood or metal forms.


The best feature of our product is that Plastiform helps you make money. Plastiform offers you useful benefits with superior excellence you can take advantage of for years.

Plastiform Benefits:

Lighter: / the weight of wood, and 1/10 the weight of steel, so you wont need that triple axle 12k trailer to haul them. Also instead of 2 guys carrying 1 form, you will have 1 guy carrying 5 or 6 at a time! Faster: 4x faster forming than wood or steel, and can use a wide variety of stakes.

More economical: re-usable for years so you wont have to but forms over and over and over and over.. Easier to clean: Made from virgin HDPE plastic, which has a natural non-stick finish. Also can be cleaned with muriatic acid unlike steel forms.

Easy to store: Won’t rust, rot, warp or twist.

Environmentally Friendly: By using a re-usable form, you can help save trees from being cut down, which will in turn help reduce Co2 (greenhouse gases).

Guaranteed to last: Plastiform comes with a 7 years manufacturers warranty, so you can be sure they will pay for themselves whether, you do 1 job a month or 1 job per day.

Saves you Money: Plastiform usually pays for itself in the first 4-6 jobs, then you are reaping the extra profit!

Versatility: Plastiform comes in a variety of dimensions so you can always find the right combination for your project.

Plastiform Boards:

Plastiform boards are use for foundations, flatwork, radius work and footings, also stackable. The form has a dovetail slot that runs the entire length of the forms allowing stakes and kickers to be placed anywhere along the backside of the forms. Some of the many advantages are, all the forms are guaranteed for 7 years but some contractors have had the same forms for over 15 years. Non-stick surface easy to clean, lightweight- 1/4 the weight of lumber, 4 times faster setting up and stripping that means 1/4 the labor. Pays for itself in as little as 4 uses. Easily connect to one another. Can be use with wood stakes, metal stakes or rebar stakes.

Available Sizes:

2'x4'x12' or 16'2'x6'x12' or 16'
2'x8'x12' or 16'2'x10'x12' or 16'
2'x12'x12' or 16'new H connector

5 ways Plastiform saves you money!

1) Reusable for years!
2) Lightweight!
3) Faster!
4) Quick Stripping!
5) Easy Cleaning!