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ROSSCO Inc. Fabric Structures is the industry-leading manufacturer of tension fabric buildings, offering American-made structures with in-house engineering, manufacturing, financing and installation. We provide a one-stop shop for your building needs. Let us design the best building for your application. Our structures are the greatest value for your investment.

Energy Efficient, Natural Light – Sustainable Building Features

ROSSCO's white fabric covers reduce the need for artificial lighting, lowering your energy consumption. With abundant daytime lighting that is bright and natural, the interior of a  structure is an inviting environment that people, plants and animals thrive in. The cover's translucent and reflective qualities also allow for further energy savings by providing indoor temperature stability. Our buildings are climate responsive – they stay cool in the summer and warm in winter.

Spacious Interior

All of the inside space is useable. There are no internal columns or supports to interfere with your interior plans. Offering superior height and clearance when compared to traditional metal or wood buildings, these buildings allow you to utilize as much space as possible for any application.

Fast Delivery – Fast Installation & Fast Savings

ROSSCOInc. structures go up quickly – fabric structures are built in less than half the time it takes to construct a traditional wood or steel building. When you need a building fast, we can manufacture it in just a few weeks. The design of  structures means prompt, efficient installation, which saves you money.

Industry-Leading 15-Year Warranty

We pride ourselves in manufacturing the most durable fabric structures, and to support this fact, we now offer an industry-leading, 15-year warranty on our buildings' covers and frames.

Certified to Industry Standards

Our Fabric Structures employs a simple but effective philosophy: High-quality buildings are designed and manufactured by outstanding people. Our commitment to production quality and manufacturing consistency is unmatched. To demonstrate our commitment to excellence, we have sought and acquired certifications in manufacturing, engineering, design and more.

Easy Financing Solutions

We make it simple to start building today. We offer flexible, low cost payment options structured to meet your needs. Find out about our flexible financing (up to 10 years, with credit approval), low monthly payments, and the ability to put very little money down in order to keep cash flow and other lines of credit available.

  •  Advantage – Low in cost & easy to maintain
  • Much lower initial investment than with wood or steel buildings
  • Little or no property taxes
  • Simple payment options
  • Fast delivery and set up

Exceptional Acoustics

Buildings reduce outside noise and diminish indoor echoing. Sound-absorbing covers and walls provide a peaceful, tranquil environment for people and animals with no harsh sounds of rain or sleet pelting against a roof.

Permanent or Temporary

While the high-quality construction of our fabric structures creates a durable, permanent building, the cost-effectiveness of these structures also makes them ideal for use as temporary buildings. They can easily be relocated or taken down whenever your needs change. Unlike wood or metal buildings, our buildings are engineered for versatility, and can easily be added on to if you should require more space.

Highly Versatile

ROSSCO Inc. Truss buildings are available in Round and Gothic styles with building sizes available from 20' to 300' wide and in any length desired. We can even engineer customized building sizes. Truly buildings of 1,000 uses, Our structures currently function as airplane hangars, alpaca housing, riding arenas, garages, driving range shelters, aviaries, butterfly sanctuaries, salt storage, grain and equipment storage, and more.

Minimal Foundation Requirements

Costly concrete foundations are not necessary for our buildings, whether for permanent or temporary use. Save money by installing a building directly on the ground with little to no site preparation. The flexible nature of our covers means that they can safely be erected on somewhat uneven surfaces. ROSSCO Inc. structures can also be constructed on asphalt or concrete, and you can add height to your building by putting it on a pony wall, shipping containers or concrete blocks.

Low Maintenance


Made from polyethylene or vinyl, our covers never need maintenance or cleaning with harsh chemicals. Wash off dust, dirt, and pollutants with water or let the rain clean the exterior of your building for you.

Excellent Air Quality

A ROSSCO Inc. fabric structure feels and smells fresh and clean. The natural light cuts down on moisture and bacteria growth, providing an environment that is healthier than more conventional steel and wood buildings. Superior ventilation options, such as roll-up sides, are available.

Fewer Pests

There are no hiding places for rodents in a  structure. The corner-free design, combined with abundant natural lighting, creates an unappealing setting for nesting rodents. With no traditional insulation or wood, there are also fewer insects in our structures.