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ROSSCO Inc. structures are available in Round and Gothic styles with building sizes available from 20' to 300' wide and in any length desired. We can even engineer customized building sizes. Truly buildings of 1,000 uses, Our structures currently function as salt storage buildings, horse riding arenas, equipment storage warehouses, indoor soccer arenas, and more.

Unlimited Configurations — ROSSCO Inc. has you covered

ROSSCO Inc. buildings are designed to provide maximum usable space at a lower cost per square foot than traditional wood or metal buildings. Available in Round or Gothic Styles, our structures come in standard widths or can be customized to fit your needs.

Need a Custom Size Building?

We will manufacture our   buildings to any size, up to 300' wide. Talk to   specialist about your specific requirements for a  structure. From concept through construction, we will help you with each stage of the process to create the exact building that you need.

With our fabric structures the benefits are clear. Here's a few that you'll find:

  • Maximum usable space with no columns or poles to interfere with your interior plans or ease of movement.
  • Buildings can be moved, disassembled or sold if no longer needed.
  • Corner-free design means no hiding places for rodents.
  • Fabric cover lets the sunlight shine through, decreasing the need for daytime interior lighting and lowering energy costs.

For more information see our catalogue of fabric structures

Round Style Truss Arch Fabric Structure 

Gothic Style Truss Arch Fabric Structure Part 1

Gothic Style Truss Arch Fabric Structure Part 2

Don't see the size you are looking for? We offer custom sizes up to 300' wide in our gothic and round style. Contact a   specialist today to learn more.